How to bypass any time tracking software ?

Bypass any Time Detecting Software
Bypass any Time Detecting Software


WORK FROM HOME is the new normal now, whether we like it or not. COVID has changed how we work and the companies have started to adapt to these changes. 

Until last year, experts believed that 90 percent of companies will become remote-first and globally distributed within a decade. The coronavirus crisis is likely to shrink that timeline.

Time Tracking Softwares are on a rise now. Many enterprises have made it compulsory to work for 8-9 hours daily.

What is a Time Tracking Software?

Time-tracking software is a category of computer software that allows its employees to record time spent on tasks or projects.

The software is used in many industries, including those that employ freelancers and hourly workers. It is also used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour.

Intentions of time tracking softwares are good but we are forced to sit for 8 hours in front of the computer which is neither good for our health nor is required. 

The main focus should be on how to get the work done rather than recording the time to measure the productivity. 

WORK FROM HOME is here to stay and so are the TIME TRACKING SOFTWARE

But we are Developers, we always have a workaround :D

Bypass Time Tracking Software 

So, here we are just for educational purpose, discussing how can we bypass these time tracking softwares by running a python script that will constantly move the mouse after 60 seconds and your timing will never stop. 

As a bonus we have also included scroll up and scroll down functionality which will help if your time tracking software is taking screenshots of the active screen as well. 

Let's jump into the code 


Computer and Python 3+ should be installed.
You can refer to this tutorial to install python.

Step 1 - Install Python

Step 2 - Install pyautogui (pip3 install pyautogui / pip install pyautogui

Step 3 - Create (on Desktop with following content)

# first run----> pip install pyautogui

import pyautogui as agui
import time
from random import randint

#Take Size of the screen

x,y = agui.size()

#Move mouse randomly
index = 1
while True:
print(f"Index {index} - Script Running")
agui.moveTo(randint(0,x),randint(0,y)) # Randomly moves the moves all over the place
print("----mouse moved")
if index%2 == 0:
agui.scroll(10) # scroll up 10 "clicks"
print("----page scrolled up")
agui.scroll(-10) # scroll up 10 "clicks"
print("----page scrolled down")
time.sleep(60) #60 second delay
index = index + 1
# End Script by crtl C on terminal
# You can comment out the print statements

Step 4 - Open CMD

Step 5 - Reach path where your file is

Step 6 - Run with the help of command (python

You can refer to this python package if you want more customizations like keypress, left right scroll etc. 

Click to open - pyautogui 


This script is just for educational purpose. We hold no liability if you are caught running this script. Use this at your own risk. 

But what we can assure is that these constant movements of mouse and scroll help you bypass any Time Tracker Software. 

This tutorial can be used to bypass/hack/cheat timedoctor, screenlogger, timelogger, screenmeter etc type of software and can save you from constant sitting in front of the computer.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to contact. 

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